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I ordered my English saddle- hope I bought the right size girth.  I have never in my life even sat in an English saddle – YouTube don’t fail me now J
Might sell my western one at the next tack swap– I now thinks it is too much for my horses.  It has cooled down some.  Which hopefully will help the firefighters. The blaze is now 50% contained but 12 houses were lost and about 4000 acres – I hope they have it out soon.  There are signs all up and down the roads thanking the firefighters and responders.

Haven’t written a thing last week.  I am not sure why? Reading quite a bit so hopefully that will refuel me J but most importantly this week is readying the house and making it as homey as possible for when E and M get here.

And Westworld begins tonight  -- looking forward to that.

We watched Ex Machina last evening. It was really good. 
Today – barn – brunch – yard work – groceries –
Have a great week.
I was reading and kept watching these helicopters go by overhead and decided i better check what's up.  Apparently there is a fire not too far from us. about three hundred acres. i hope they can put it out before it gets too big. 
Yikes – looks like the Jays need that wildcard.
I wanted to sleep in this morning but the dogs had other plans for me. But the sun was lovely coming up between the trees so dogs had right idea for that early walk.  Hay run today – but other than that –I hope to putter about and do little to nothing but  read and put the saddle on Bourbon.  A neighbor has full grown laying hens to give away (four I think) – if I take them I will have to reinforce the pen and get some laying boxes and chicken feed for them.  I would love to have them free range but just too many critters about including my own but I can put them in the garden once in awhile because that is all fenced in.
The little goat that got hurt is healing up fine.  The barn drama is still ongoing.  I am keeping out of it – and its sad because she (the trainer) was at the barn yesterday showing her horse to a potential buyer.  She ignored me –– because she certainly didn’t want to bring up the 24 hours of training my horse didn’t get – and I already decided I wouldn’t go after it. I just want to wipe my hands clean of the situation.  But she took her horse up to the ring and I had my two in the paddock beside the ring – and so I watched her ride for a bit and oh my gosh – she is a fantastic rider.  And my heart went out to her because she should have the chance to pursue this more.  And maybe she will – she may just head to another barn -  

Horse people are a different breed all together.
Now I must check out youtube on how to ride English J
I didn’t quite crash yesterday but my productive stage is definitely over for a bit – I have this low and high tide about me and well my shoreline is showing. 
And I have to exercise each horse for at least 45 mins this morning.  I think I want another coffee before I set out. 
I have been reading – I have two on the go now. My paper book that I read at the barn in the morning while my horses eat their breakfast – and my electronic one at night.  The paperback, The Son by Philipp Meyer, is one I started in 2014 but it was G’s book and I had handed it back to him when he was looking for something to read.  He loved it but I had never gotten back to it until now. Now that I am into it again – man -- It’s soooooo good. I haven’t walked my hill this week. I will restart next week – I better. 
I love today’s poem

Gosh, almost ¾ of the year is up  – 2016 proved interesting to say the least. I have the girls visit to look forward to and my sister-in-law and her husband are coming in November (we have 49ner tickets and shark tickets for that week)
I am not going to attempt NaNo this year. But I am going to get this ^%$&* book done.
Next year – I hope to go to a convention (Sirens maybe?) or at least take a writing workshop or writing course. I realize I have been saying that every year now for 12 years and I realize what a bubble I am in when it comes to writing – but truth is every time I get the courage to wander out of it – my bubble usually breaks and I stop writing or submitting for several months.   But who knows – this mountain is getting to me in some crazy creative way.  All these redwoods may just be clearing my head a little of all my clutter.  Sorry, I know I am ranting up a storm this morning – best get going. Have a great day.

oh one last thing -- KIngs of Leon - Walls - love it - and Caleb -hmmm....he kind of does it for me like Eddie Vedder did.

It cooled down in the night – enough to put a sweater and thick socks on. This is the weather I love.  The barn owner is (if the trainer doesn’t come back for him or sells him) going to keep the horse.  She doesn’t really want to because he is very hot headed sometimes but she has a good heart and I am happy for this horse. I am very sad for the trainer though. I really liked her – she was just too young and over her head trying to get established here (horses are an expensive habit and starting your own busines takes time) – I took a loss because I had paid her for the month and I am not sure I even got any hours of training this month? And that’s fine because I know she wouldn’t have done what she did if things were working out better in her life – but the last time I saw her she was saying how well Banon was doing and so (before I knew she wasn’t riding her) I had tried to get on Banon on Monday and Banon was sidestepping and being far too frisky – and I was thinking wow, she should be more relaxed than this with over six weeks of training in – so it was this that I didn’t like – because it could have been dangerous. A trainer saying your horse is coming a long great when she isn’t even actually on the horse and you’re not aware that your horse is spending these hours in her stall, not getting exercised on those days. I say honesty is such an important trait to have and if you can’t hang onto that – it’s a slippery slope. For you and those around you. Anyway, I am going to train her myself.  Youtube don’t fail me now. 
Speaking of which – I better get going.
G is off to NY today.  Back later Friday evening.
I hope to be productive but already I’ve started slow. I lost Gatsby –he took off after a scent (probably deer) - he will come back but I just hope it’s not with a whole crowd of villagers neighbours holding torches yelling “kill the monster” –

Okay he’s back and I don’t hear yelling. Whew!  I really got to get him to listen better.    I should walk to the barn today but might save it for tomorrow –it was pretty warm here this week.  And once again (I hope to write this afternoon) – No, I won't use hope– I will write this afternoon. But darn I find time simply flying. It will be December before I know it. I have to get this finished.   
Barn drama - the trainer up and took off.  I was starting to suspect something was up -  i even went so far as to put my halter on banon's stall a different way just to see if she was actually taking her out when she was suppose to (for training) and  a few times it wasn't changed - and i thought i was being negative and parinoid ( becauase hey - i roll that way) and  that if she says she was giving her four hours a week of training - than i would take her word on it.  but then i noticed that her horse was starting to look thin -- too the point  I was giving him a little bit of hay but you know it wasn't my horse and i was thinking maybe becuase he is a Thouroughbred it was okya if he got a little ribby -- but yesrerday i was growing concerned enough to give him a little more hay.  and his stall wasn't cleaned out for days. So, i asked the owner of the barn and she was like -- no she took off -- like two weeks ago.  I said, "she left her horse? "
She just nodded.    Anyway - the barn owner felt bad yesteday and took the trainer's horse out to give it a little paddock time and the horse got away on her and trampled one of the little goats -- cut her leg all up. So, the barn owner is a bit upset and beside herself because - this trainer was also doing barn chores for her  and the owner goes back to work tomorrow.

So,  i am sitting her wondering if i should call her (the barn owner) and tell her i could feed, muck stalls and turn out the horses and goats for her every morning  -(-i sweep and tidy the barn anyway  while i wait on my horses to have their turn out time) -- so it wouldn't be that much more work.  - and the barn is getting in a little need of some TLC.  i do clean the bathroom every couple of weeks and yesterday I was picking up some trash around the back and i was thinking too myself -- maybe i am more dosmestic than i think i am --   I mean this isn't even my barn and I feel the need to keep it tidy.  But - anyway - i love the animals there so wouldn't mind at all. I just fear she might not think i am qualified.  What to do- what to do.

Edit: oh my good gosh - i wrote this very quick and so it is just completely riddled with typos - but i am too lazy at this point to fix :)
The restaurant we wanted to go to was closed on Mondays – so I  made G chicken with a tarragon sauce. It turned out nice.   And we had pie for dessert and listened to a playlist of all 1972 songs – that was a very good year for music we decided J Not that Greg was born in 72 -- it was just something we happened on in our what should we listen to search --   I hope to write today after barn and tidy up.  And plant my vine. My pie turned out well except I browned the top a little too much -  and this is my hoosier – still never got the handle–.
Happy Birthday to G.  J He hummed and hawed about taking the day off but decided to go in because well – that is how G rolls. Work first – life second.  Some day I will get that lad to enjoy more down time – which I am a master of. J
He’s off to NY on Wednesday –returning on Friday.   Today I am going to make an apple pie with apples from our very own apple tree – and he wants to go out to dinner.
We had a nice weekend. We went to the fall festival at the local church – they had a huge second hand sale from everything from clothes to books to children’s toys.  I bought a few books – The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, The Historian by Elzabeth Kostova – all books I had my eye on at one point or another –so-- score.
I had enjoyed The House of Shattered Wings by Alliete de Bodard. It was a fairly quick read and the writing was lovely.   But if I am going to make my 24 books in 2016 goal – yikes, I have to start reading faster.  I am now reading The Life we Bury – I am getting use to the narrator –  it feels slightly off at the moment (or just different)  but I think it will work for the story he’s telling.  I am just a few chapters in.

I also bought a bunch of seeds (some I can start now –and keep putting them in bigger planters until I plant in spring -  others I can start in March – most --except a few vegetables and sunflowers-- are drought resistant plants -- and I bought a lime tree and a yellow jasmine vine (for the side of the house).

The pony at the barn went to the Santa Cruz Country Fair and won 10 first place ribbons. That little pony rocks.

My family went out on the boat last week and spread our dad’s ashes on the river.  I was a little upset I will admit – only because I wasn’t told the date and so the day went by without me knowing that was happening.  (and yes - i should have asked ) Not that I would have went home for it but just to know so I could have marked the day.  Or just be a part of the day in some small way. Plus, no one told me about it afterwards or any description of how it went whatsoever.   I wouldn’t have mind a – Hey Jan- we spread dad’s ashes today –
Okay, sorry, that sounded a little whiny and self-absorbed.  I just miss everybody sometimes and would love to have been included.
Okay I best get going – lots to do today and I still have to drag the garbage down the hill before I head to the barn.
Have a great week.
If all days were like yesterday I would be a very productive person J - but only one in  30 days is like this for me.
I had my coffee - Walked dogs –went to barn –fed horses – read a chapter of current book while they ate -mucked stalls –exercised two horses (first one and then the other) –swept barn –washed and applied ointment to Bourbon’s cut (on her hock) (that horse is always hurting herself)– spent a few moments patting the barn cat and the goats – came home – had a western sandwich and cup of tea for lunch – explored internet briefly – wrote for three hours – cleaned house from top to bottom including laundry– watered plants –fed dogs - drove back down to barn at around 630 to feed horses – came back --walked dogs –talked to E for half an hour - realized I hadn’t had supper but wasn’t hungry – plus I didn’t want to touch my kitchen again because it was all shiny - so poured a glass of wine and waited for Greg – who was exhausted after his ten hour flight but still noticed the shiny house.
But most important in there is -- I wrote for three hours. Here is another Roald Dahl quote I like. And it is why I need bigger chunks of time to write.. I can't easily come and go from my different place /s.

“Two hours of writing fiction leaves this writer completely drained. For those two hours he has been in a different place with totally different people.”
Roald Dahl




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